Civitan International is a group of service clubs throughout the globe. Our clubs serve some vulnerable communities, and we want to make sure that we protect them, and the organization, as we make the world a better place.

For that reason, we do ask that any Civitan or non-Civitan who has reached the age of majority, who is in a capacity of acting as a chaperone, monitor or in any similar capacity where they are required or expected to have regular interaction and communication with a youth or a person with I/DD attending a Civitan event, submit to a background check every two years.

In addition, there are a few volunteer roles, where we require a motor vehicle check every two years.

The individual, sponsoring Civitan club or district shall bear the cost of the background checks and motor vehicle checks.

Additional protective measures regarding children and individuals with disabilities are outlined in the Civitan International “Guidebook for Those Serving Children and Individuals with Disabilities” document, which is available on www.civitan.org. All club, district and International efforts should reflect these guidelines.
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